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      Foshan Tacoma Lifting Machinery Co., Specializes in single and double beam bridge crane, gantry, light small, cantilever crane and electric hoist, chain hoist and various accessories. Undertake crane installation, maintenance, inspection and acceptance, careful forensics, etc. April 7, the company in 2015 in foshan city industrial and commercial bureau registration, my company's business address is located in guangdong's third largest city, one of the modern Chinese Ming and qing dynasties all four together.
      In the healthy growth of the company at the same time, the constant innovation of science and technology, research and development of new products, improve product technology content, in order to meet customer demand, higher in the market established a stable foundation. We offer our customers the best products and good technical support and perfect after-sales service. Choose the Tacoma, towards the future!



Our history:
Foshan Tacoma Lifting Machinery Co., Has a professional crane technology team, experienced project managers. In foshan, guangzhou and the pearl river delta region has 10 years of experience in crane installation and renovation, crane engineering, crane, crane to undertake engineering and line hanging installation, the use of the south crane, the use of the environment have a lot of experience and technical requirements. Division horse crane with a number of units to establish long-term cooperative relations, with advanced crane design concept, process, sincere steadfast attitude of doing things, to provide customers with first-class crane equipment and efficient service.


Our service and aim:
Professional foshan crane design, installation, sales, maintenance, inspection and maintenance as one of professional enterprises.
"Quality first, service first" is the aim of the company remains the same, by improving the product quality and service quality to improve enterprise core competitiveness, to provide customers with stable and reliable, advanced technology, excellent products, sincere service, do a healthy and sustained development, create value for society's remarkable lifting equipment manufacturing enterprises, is the company's eternal pursuit!


Our features:
We mainly do railway, special freight yard cranes big sales, maintenance, repair one-stop service. Can be customized, specializing in the production of customized various types of crane. All parts have after-sale units.

Our products:
Main products: crane
Product type: crane equipment, factory workshop crane, construction crane
Classification of products: foshan cranes, double beam cranes, gantry cranes, suspension crane, crane truck built-in, van crane, double beam bridge crane


Latest patented products have type 1 or 2 tons ZTP van crane, engaged in foshan, single and double beam bridge crane, gantry crane, light small, cantilever crane and electric hoist, chain hoist and various accessories.