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Industry dynamic

Ma lifting machinery safety management properties

In construction engineering project, in the link is the horse of the initial link of life cycle of hoisting machinery, decisive significance is one of the important link, need to strictly control construction unit, supervision unit and construction units focus on lifting machinery safety supervision.
There are two kinds of source of hoisting machinery, since the purchase and rent. In the form of purchasing in hoisting machinery, construction units to check the manufacturing unit and install the corresponding qualifications. Manufacturing unit shall acquire the license of the hoisting machinery manufacture arrival shall be accompanied by the mechanical design documents (including the general layout, main bearing structure diagram, mechanical and electrical, hydraulic system schematic diagram), product quality certificate, installation and use of maintenance, the supervision and inspection certificate and the relevant type test quality certificates and other documents; Install the unit shall be issued by the competent department of construction of the corresponding qualification and construction enterprise safety production license, and within the scope of the qualification licensing contracts construction hoisting machinery installation, demolition. Construction unit should conclude a contract for the construction hoisting machinery installation and installation unit, and clear the safe production responsibility of both parties. Hoisting machinery or put into use before put into use, within 30 days after using unit shall use the registration to the registration authorities in accordance with the relevant provisions. Foshan hoisting machinery, construction unit lease rental unit shall require rental units with special equipment manufacturing license, product certificate, certificate of manufacture supervision and inspection, the two sides signed hoisting machinery leasing contract, lease both sides of the security responsibility.
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