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Industry dynamic

Inspection method of crane parts

If a lateral deformation, the lateral deformation value check. When the deformation value of 20 times greater than the thickness of the bending radius, a correction must be on the film cooling. When bending deformation value of radius when the thickness of 10 ~ 20 times, should be carried out in the cold after correction is fire. Must be removed after normalizing scale. When the radius of curvature values less than 10 times of thickness, the hook must be replaced.
Current our country enterprise in the southern states and mechanization level is relatively lower, but overall, mechanical large fully mechanized equipment will be more widely used. Machinery and technical equipment level of ascension, will promote the increasing level of modernization of coal mine enterprises in China, merger and reorganization, continue to strengthen production safety. Bridge crane machinery retrace peak, make our country's coal resources integration more market-oriented, rather like the past only in the provinces. It is more advantageous to the coal enterprise merger and reorganization to obtain greater development.
About crane parts inspection, therefore, is to introduce you to the above, to make a crane operation is good, this is a very key inspection, a certain parts of incomplete or flawed, and can lead to the crane doesn't work smoothly.
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