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Industry dynamic

Electric hoist analysis of the pros and cons

Crane parts are many, each have each advantages and disadvantages. The electric hoist chain of parts, play a very important role, because the chain it belongs to a carrier, when lifting to a items, is the power of the chain of goods lift. Chain is composed of an important part of the chain, all the chain directly affects the quality of the quality of the chain. 1. Advantages: can be connected with the chain is tall, easy to bend. After load in the air, the chain is not easy to rotate. 2. Disadvantages: elasticity is small, the overweight or after impact, very fragile. Once appear, bear the weight of the chain is too large or for other reasons lead to the chain is broken, and if we run in the absence of notice is prone to failure. Electric hoist chain itself weight is very heavy, hook landing, because speed is fast, can produce large inertia effect, so the general chain on the crane with wire rope.
This article mainly introduces the advantages and disadvantages of the electric hoist in changzhou for everybody to understand somewhat, we know the advantages and disadvantages of it. You are welcome to our division horse buy suitable electric hoist crane equipment, our equipment are of good quality, I believe you will have the harvest, please attention and support a lot!
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